Pirate Adventure Theme Park Admission


Enjoy 5 zones of pirate-themed adventure, each featuring an exciting mix of physical props, fascinating quests, and plenty of lost treasure waiting to be found. Learn to be a pirate in a richly interactive environment, covering the swashbuckling basics in style.

Begin your journey at a ship named Bathera Merdeka, the central hub for all adventurers. Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure, testing your sea legs as you make use of a magical talisman to escape the jaws of a hungry sea monster.

Experience a pitched sea battle as you command the ship's powerful water cannons to defend from the smelly creatures of the deep. A rope bridge provides the setting for a venture into the dark island forest. Follow the trail closely, trying to ignore the sounds of buzzing insects and skeletons littered across your path.

A mysterious message in a bottle alerts you of the presence of treasure. However, the smelliest pirate in the world is lurking nearby, and he has something your brave crew desperately needs. Set sail with your crew in search of golden treasures.

Learn about the real-life adventures of some of the world's most famous pirates, and then embark on your own quest. A sea-monster of serpentine form and length stalks the ocean depths, possibly confirming the world's oldest legends. Capture your encounter with this incredible creature with stunning pirate photography.

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