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Malaysia have high building like KLCC, cyber village like Putrajaya, but almost three quarters of the Malaysia land haven't developing. It's covered by natural trees and forests, especially in Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak). You are able to find more than 800 different species of trees in a single 1 kilometer forested.

With some of our tours, you are able to visit the mangrove forest, some wildlife like elephant, eagle or Hornbill.

Kuala Lumpur Nature Tours KL Nature Tours

Embark on a tour of discovery that will bring you out of KL into the outskirts where the lush wilderness rule. Explore the wonders of nature beyond the city landscape. Read More...

Langkawi Nature Tours

Langkawi is the undisputed champion of breathtaking vistas, exquisite flora and fauna and sweeping views of the turquoise blue ocean. Read More...

Penang Nature Tours

Discover the beauty of some delicate beings at the Penang Butterfly Farm and delight your tastebuds with some of nature’s best juicy offerings at the Tropical Fruit Farm. Read More...

Kota Kinabalu Nature Sabah Nature Tours

The island of Borneo is well-known for its rich natural resources and lush tropical rainforests, providing an ideal natural habitat for thousands of wildlife. Read More...

Sarawak Nature Tours

These tours allow you to experience different elements of Sarawak’s cultural heritage from getting up, close and personal with gentle Orang-Utans. Read More...


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