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Even Malaysia have not as much as the islands like Thailand, but it's still having plenty famous islands, example Sipadan at Sabah, Tioman at Pahang, Pulau Payar at Langkawi and others. Some of the islands are the world famous diving spot too.

With our tour package, you can choose to Puala Ketam, 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur and famous for the seafood. For those who like snorkeling, can visit Pulau Payar at Langkawi, you are able to see a lot so fishes and even baby shark if you are lucky. Diving in Sabah is a world known activities! Share on facebook Share on stumbleupon_badge More Sharing Services

Pulau Ketam Tour (Crab Island)

Depart Kuala Lumpur for Port Klang in an hour – Malaysia’s busiest port. The 30 minute ferry ride offers a panoramic view of the busy harbour and the mangrove swamps of nearby islands. Read More...

Langkawi Marine Tours Langkawi Marine Tours

It is possible to snorkel around Langkawi Island’s beaches but the best reefs are found on the tiny offshore islets, and the preeminent place to do this is the nearby isle of Pulau Payar. Read More...

Tioman Island Diving Packages Tioman Diving Packages

One of the most economical places to get a PADI certification, the underwater world around Tioman remains mostly undamaged, easily reached diving and snorkelling in Malaysia. Read More...

Pulau Kapas Tour (Snorkelling) Pulau Kapas Tour (Snorkelling) Pulau Kapas is a heaven for snorkelers and divers alike. Blessed with pristine white sand, swaying palms and crystal clear waters - it offers a perfect peaceful getaway.
Sabah Island Sabah Island Tours

Sabah has plenty of beautiful and exotic offshore islands, attracting thousands of visitors each year, particularly diving enthusiasts. Some of the world’s best diving spots. Read More...


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