Malaysia Culture Tours

Malaysia Tours

Malaysia is a different races country, with 3 main races are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Beside the 3 main races, you will find others small population like Kadazan-Dusun in Sabah. Bidayuh, Ibans in Sarawak. Nyonya & Baba in Malacca/Penang. With the different cultures in Malaysia, the tours have been arranged for you to know more about Malaysian. You can pick one of the cultural tours to find out our unique lifestyle in Asia.

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Kuala Lumpur Culture Tours

KL Culture Tours

Experience the Malaysia culture with our selected tours. The Cultural Night Tour promises to bring you an exciting time Read More...

Penang Temple Tours

There are plenty of ancient temples around Penang, which are not only grand in appearance, but also in history. Read More...

Sarawak Culture Tours

Sarawak Culture Tours

These single-day tours are designed for you to experience the multi-racial culture of Sarawak, especially the indigenous Read More...

Sabah Culture Tours

Sabah is a melting pot of different cultures, due to the many ethnic groups that can be found here. Read More...

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