Malaysia Adventure Tours

Malaysia Tours

Malaysia have plenty of adventure activities too. One of the most famous is Mountain Climbing at Kinabalu, it's the highest mountaing in Malaysia. Beside that, with the nature forest and the raining weather whole year long, the white water rafting is also one of the choices for the tourist. You be able to find the rafting at Sabah and Ipoh.

Kuala Lumpur  Adventure Tours KL Adventure Tours

This tour brings you up several hundred feet up in the air for you to savour the panoramic views of the city skyline as well as take some awesome photographs. Read More...

Sabah Adventure Sabah Adventure Tours

For those who relish gravity-defying challenges, we have put together a series of Mountain Tour packages for you to satiate the adventurous spirit in you! Read More...

Sabah Diving Tours

Sabah remains one of the world’s prime destinations for diving and snorkeling activities. Our Sabah Diving Tours take you to experience the marvels of the oceans. Read More...


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