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    There are many reasons to make Malaysia a home for the future. Peaceful atmosphere, warm weather, good infrastructure and a wealth of natural attractions are some of the highlights of Malaysia. Listed below are the answers to that question.

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    Malaysia has one of the highest standards of living in the Southeast Asian region with modern infrastructure and facilities.


    The Cost of Living in Malaysia is one of the lowest in Asia, which is not expected to change for the long-term. This is achieved through the Government's efficient management of the economy in ensuring that inflation is kept low at all times and thereby, the prices of goods and services.


    The weather is pleasant and warm with moderate rainfall throughout the year, but noticeably heavier towards the year-end. There are also highland residential areas and resorts with a moderate climate surrounded by evergreen forest scattered throughout the country.


    There are quality residences - terrace and semi-detached houses, bungalows, apartments and condominiums to choose from and located in both cosmopolitan and countryside areas. There are also fine homes available in tourism zones - by beaches, near jungles, theme parks, recreational areas and city centres.


    Here, you will discover a delightful fusion of three of Asia's main races – Chinese, Indian and Malay. Furthermore, the indigenous tribes of Malaysia such as the Kadazans, Ibans and other ethnic communities in both Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo add to the enrichment and diversity of Malaysia’s multi-racial society.


    The entire country is well connected with up-to-date and modern road, rail, air, and sea transportation systems. Public transport by buses, taxis and trains are comfortable, efficient and affordable.


    This programme is initiated, organised and launched by the Malaysian Government. It is therefore a programme that the Government will continuously work to ensure its success.


    The ruling Government is the longest serving freely-elected Government in the world. It is a Government representing all the races, religions and cultures found in Malaysia.


    Statistics prove that Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world, with a relatively low crime rate.


    Malaysia offers a variety of local and international food to suit all tastes and budgets. With so many races and cultures living together in harmony, no where do you find such an abundance and variety of culinary delights, making Malaysia into Asia's Food Paradise. Similarly the tropical fruits of Malaysia are unique, exotic and available throughout the year.


    The country has many ideal recreational spots for the family. Thrill seekers can enjoy an exhilarating time at the many theme parks while those who prefer a relaxing holiday can head for the highlands and beaches. Malaysia is also a haven for golf enthusiasts with close to 200 courses designed by world-renowned names. Both serious golfers looking for challenging courses and players who enjoy a casual game will have a rewarding time teeing-off on Malaysia's fairways.


    The fine range of spas in the country provides the ideal setting for complete rejuvenation and relaxation. Malaysia has some of the finest spas in the located on pristine islands and city centres. From traditional Malay massages, Indian Ayurvedic treatments and Oriental acupressure practices, there is a large variety of health treatments both traditional and modern.


    From high-end couture to ethnic handicrafts and its internationally acclaimed pewter ware, Malaysia will satisfy your shopping needs. Enjoy the comforts and convenience of shopping in air-conditioned malls and hypermarkets. Besides shopping, families have a choice of watching a movie, having fun at the bowling alley or enjoying the local culinary delicacies in the food court. Also, don’t miss out on the excitement of haggling in the night markets, called ‘Pasar Malam’, an outdoor make-shift market that is an interesting feature of local life. The best time to enjoy fantastic discounts and special offers is during the annual Mega Sales.


    The country has one of the quality educational systems - both public and private. Good education is available all the up from nursery-level to the highest level of tertiary qualifications. There are international schools of repute in all major towns with English as the medium of instruction. Here, there are also private colleges and universities offering twinning programmes with other well-known universities and major colleges throughout the world. Malaysia is indeed the place to get quality international-class education at a very reasonable cost. It has become an educational centre for excellence in this region.


    Over the years, Malaysia has grown into a sophisticated healthcare hub in Asia. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and highly-qualified medical personnel, Malaysia will take care of your health from wherever you’re from around the world.

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