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An off-the-beaten track state for many tourists, Perak’s a welcome break from the usual travel network. Those who make the trip here and stay rarely regret it – its most noticeably home to Ipoh, a former tin rush town (mainly in the Kinta Valley) with Straits Chinese architecture, Buddhist temples and exceptional fare that’s surprisingly only well-known among locals. Perak’s landscape is lush and awe-inspiring with the Keledang Mountains to the west and Pahang’s Main Range to the east providing a stunning backdrop. If you’re going to be in Perak for a while then why not soak in the luxurious hot springs & spa or explore the limestone outcrops of the 80,000sqft Lost World of Tambun, for an experience like no other.

Hot Springs & Spa Lost World of Tambun - Hot Springs & Spa

The Lost World Hot Springs & Spa is the latest addition to the ever evolving theme park. Covering an area of 80,000 sq ft. Read More...

Theme Park Lost World of Tambun - Theme Park

The Lost World of Tambun, is an action-packed, exciting adventure with the most thrilling rides and attractions in Ipoh, Malaysia. Read More...

6th Mile Tunnel Lost World of Tambun - 6th Mile Tunnel

Need more of an adrenaline rush? Opt for the three-hour cave exploration experience at the Six Mile Tunnel. Read More...


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