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There are plenty of ancient temples around Penang, which are not only grand in appearance, but also in history. Discover these significant monuments of the past such as the Khoo Kongsi temple, a grand clan temple built in 1898, the Kuan Yin Temple, which was built in 1800 by early Chinese immigrants, the Kek Lok Si temple, which has scenic gardens and ponds with turtles, and the Snake Temple, which is home to hundreds of slithery, exotic reptiles.

Penang Day & Night Temple Tour Day & Night Temple Tour (Penang)

Snake Temple, also known as Temple of the Azure Clouds, built in 1850 to the memory of a Buddhist priest, Chor Soo Kong, who was believed to have possessed incredible healing powers. Kek Lok Si, the Temple of Supreme Bliss, it is one of South East Asia biggest temple. Read More...

Penang Half-Day Tour Penang Half-Day Tour

The Penang Half-Day Tour is short trip that brings you and you family to discover the main attractions of Penang. Overall, a good way to get a blast of Penang if you're short on time. Read More...

Penang Hill & Temple Tour Penang Hill & Temple Tour

At 830 metres above sea level , Penang Hill provides a panoramic view of the island from its peak. Take a 30 minutes ride on the furnicular rail service from the base at Jalan Air Terjun to its peak. Read More...


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