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Escape to another world as you take a tour of some of Langkawi’s most unforgettable and mystical sights. The tour starts off with a trip to one of the most renowned caves in Langkawi, ‘Gua Kelawar’, literally translated meaning Bat Cave. This stunning cave is steeped in fables of romance and intrigue so make sure you prick up your ears and listen to your guide.

Eagle-Feeding and Mangrove Tour Eagle-Feeding and Mangrove Tour

The Langkawi Eagle Feeding & Mangrove Tour allows you to explore the bionetwork of the Kilim Nature Park where you can feed the eagles and explore Gua Kelawar. Read More...

Langkawi Jungle Trekking Tour Langkawi Jungle Trekking Tour

Hike in the rainforests at the foothill of Gunung Raya, with an opportunity to see Twiners, Liana, Bird’s Nest Fern, Cauliflory, Driptips, Buttressroots, Rattan, Rattan fruits, Oakleaf fern, Arboriens fern, earth fid and many other flora’s like flowering plants and wild mushrooms... Read More...


Langkawi Canopy Tours Langkawi Canopy Tours

Heard of Air Trekking? Langkawi is the only place outside of Costa Rica to offer this Fear Factor- worthy activity! This tour is at Gunung Raya, Langkawi’s tallest mountain and home to more than 400 species of wildlife. A guided trek up the 890m tall Grantoid Mountain is a popular rough outdoor option through a few hundred meters into the primary rainforest. Read More...

Langkawi Kayaking Tour Langkawi Kayaking Tour

The kayaks are towed out to sea where we first visit a ‘hong’ – a lagoon only accessible through a sea cave - after which we paddle/drift up the Kilim river, passing the ‘Hole in The Wall’, following the Kilim river right up to the end, passing/visiting Gua Buaya and drifting back to fish farm for lunch /dinner. Read More...

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