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Renowned for its white-sand beaches, Langkawi resembles a quiet Mediterranean-inspired destination. The island offers a veritable variety of attractions from its turquoise-blue waters to Southeast Asia’s largest man-made aquaria. Boasting a lost-in-time feel, the island’s locals love tourists since their bread and butter come from its tourism economy.

Experience the island in an out-of-the-ordinary way when you join the tours listed below – take a helicopter transfer from the airport that will get you to your hotel in no time at all, or tour the skies of Langkawi and earn yourself some spectacular views. Either way you’ll be sure to enjoy your sky-high joyride.

Langkawi Helicopter Transfer Langkawi Helicopter Transfer

We are able to transfer guest directly to Hotel, Villa or Golf Club. Other transfer services shown: Hotel, Golf Club, Airport..... Read More...

Langkawi Machinchang Air Cruise Langkawi Machinchang Air Cruise

Approaching the oldest dolomite sandstone ridge in the world, from the north eastern coastline. As the range ascends, take in the sight of unique rock formations, sheer cliffs and striking waterfalls at the summit, view the uniquely architectured sky bridge. Read More...

Langkawi Daya Bunting Air Joyride Langkawi Dayang Bunting Air Joyride

A truly magical air ride that will take you the legendary lake of the pregnant maiden. Hover at the centre of the lake and absorb a view words can never describe. Simply heaven on earth. Read More...


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