Kuala Lumpur Flying Tours

Kuala Lumpur Sky Tours

Kuala Lumpur flying tours take you to soaring heights, enabling you to experience Kuala Lumpur from a different perspective. Ideal for families and small groups of friends looking to enjoy travelling above famous destinations in Kuala Lumpur while catching a bird's eye-view of lush rainforests and limestone caves, these tours allow you to capture incredible photographs and videos that you can show to loved ones back home.

Our list of flying tours in Kuala Lumpur is a diverse collection of the city’s aviation tour packages that will allow you to unleash your inner-aviator. These unconventional tours will allow you to get behind the controls of a Cessna 172 or an EC120B – Colibri and take in KL’s most popular tourist hotspots from jaw-dropping heights. For the absolute safety and comfort of its guests, these tours are handled by professionals with insurance packages included.

Most Popular TOURS
Kuala Lumpur Sky Tour by Plane KL Sky Tour by Plane

The KL Hunter Sky Tour enables you to experience Kuala Lumpur from a different perspective; the blue sky! This tour brings you up several hundred feet up in the air for you to savour the panoramic views of the city skyline as well as take some awesome photographs. Read More...

Become one day Pilot Become one day Pilot

The Sky Exploration! Time to get off the ground! Haven't you ever just wanted to fly away?
It's time to pursue that dreams of yours and learn to fly! Did you ever wonder what it's like to fly and aircraft yourself? Read More...

Kuala Lumpur Helicopter Tours KL Helicopter Tours

Experience Kuala Lumpur and its city landscapes on a helicopter tour which means you can be taking pictures over KLCC and KL Tower! Read More...


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