Malaysia Car Rental

Rent A Car in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with beautiful and scenic roads. One of the best ways to take in the sights is to lease a car and drive around; it’s enjoyable, trouble-free and best of all – easy on the pocket. Listed below you will find some Malaysian car rental companies who offer full insurance coverage for the rental of all its vehicles.

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Malaysia Car Rental

Malaysia is a beautiful country with temperate weather and oodles of sightseeing opportunities. To best enjoy these sights and visit them with ease, we suggest you rent a car and travel around, rather than hoofing it on foot. We are a few choices on the car rental, all offer top-notch cars to suit every budget and class. Visitors are advised to read the tips provided below to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Here are some car rental companies, all offer full insurance.

Driving Tips

Although driving around Malaysia is easy, there are some simple guidelines you should follow to enjoy a quiet and relaxing driving experience.

  1. In Malaysia we drive on the left side of the road. We realize that they do it differently in other countries but as the saying goes – when in Rome; do as the Romans do. Thus when you’re here, we’d appreciate it if you keep your vehicle in its proper lane.
  2. Malaysia – a land with beautiful tropical islands and balmy weather – is a carefree and casual country; however if you plan on hiring a car and driving around, we do require that you have a valid International or Malaysian Driving Licence.
  3. Malaysian law prohibits drunk-driving and seat-belt rules are strictly enforced. Your safety is our priority because we want you to arrive alive.
  4. Be wary when renting your vehicle from street-side vendors – some car rental service providers only offer limited insurance – thus you run the risk of purchasing incredibly basic coverage i.e. third-party injuries or damage. Know your rights, be cautious and demand comprehensive coverage.
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